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Get compliant with California cannabis track-and-trace regs through METRC training

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

All provisional and annual cannabis licensees in California are required to use METRC, California’s designated track-and-trace-software, to track all cannabis products through the commercial chain-of-custody. It’s your responsibility to implement the system as soon as required by the state, whether you choose to use the free version or third-party software that integrates with METRC.

Highroad offers a comprehensive training program based on the free version of METRC to get your cannabis operation compliant and keep you there.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your staff knows how to use METRC flawlessly. We recommend the following team members attend training: Owners, the designated Account Manager, the Operations Director and Team Leads, the Inventory Control Manager and inventory team, as well as the Quality Control Specialist.

Keeping compliant with track-and-trace regulations can help you avoid costly problems such as the following:

  • Catastrophic non-compliance fines ranging up to $240,000, according to BCC Disciplinary Guidelines

  • Criminal cases like the thousands that have been brought against companies and company operators

  • Unnecessary civil penalties

You have invested in taking the high road in the legal cannabis industry, and it’s vital to protect that investment by complying with all regulatory requirements. Highroad clients have never failed a state compliance inspection while under contract with us to provide compliance support.

METRC TRAINING SERVICES Webinar Registration • Complete two-step registration process • How to receive credentials for METRC • Advise of next steps, best practices • Q&A/client support

Administrative setup • Assist client setup of employees • Display best practices on how to monetize accounts • How to add items, strains, rooms, and order tags • Advise of next steps & best practices • Q&A/client support

Day-to-Day Overview • Demonstrate inputting inventory to meet all required traceability timelines as stated in Subchapter 6, Article 2 of the 2019 CDPH permanent regulations • Demonstrate how to monitor tags and tag inventory • Train to create packages, transfers, and sales

Onsite Training • Demonstrate hands on training for all day-to-day activities related to METRC

Let our team design a compliance solution that meets your needs. Get started here, email us at [email protected] or call us at (760) 671-5647.

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