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Global Go Acquires Highroad Consulting Group

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Cannabis experts join forces to grow the value of cannabis companies across borders

LOS ANGELES – January 16, 2020 – Recently-launched international cannabis consulting company Global Go, LLC has acquired U.S.-based cannabis consulting company Highroad Consulting Group, LLC. The acquisition brings together leading cannabis pioneers and experts to assist cannabis companies in growing their value across state and sovereign borders.

Paul Rosen, Executive Director of Global Go, commented, “Highroad is one of the leading cannabis consultancy firms in the United States, with a 99% success rate in securing cannabis applications for its clients, including in some of the most competitive states in the country. Highroad brings a robust set of additional services to Global Go, including license acquisition, compliance audits, track and trace system support, operational assessments, IT and security reviews. Global Go will expand upon the strategic consulting and financial advisory services previously offered by Highroad Consulting Group, while also exporting cannabis expertise to non-cannabis companies looking to launch cannabis and hemp product lines and services.”

The acquisition of Highroad brings to Global Go a roster of leading MSOs and increasingly international clientele, as well as a set of best-in-class cannabis consultants, including:

· Phil Valvardi, formerly CEO of Highroad, who brings considerable executive and entrepreneurial experience in leading innovative businesses within the highly regulated banking and cannabis industries. Phil has led exits from multiple C-level positions, including as president of one of the largest debit payment networks in the US, which was sold for over $900 million.

· Greta Carter, the founder of Highroad, who was instrumental in the birth of the U.S. recreational cannabis industry. As examples among many, in Washington, the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, Greta founded the oldest cannabis trade organization, and the industry authority to which the state turned for advice in drafting its recreational cannabis use regulations. Greta also possesses deep experience in actually operating successful cannabis businesses in several states.

· Ryan Fingerhut, who focuses on cannabis consulting, licensing and compliance with an unparalleled track record in license applications, with over 60 state and local cannabis licenses won in multiple states, including highly competitive markets.

· Simone Sandoval, who focuses on cannabis licensing and compliance and has extensive experience in understanding and deciphering complex cannabis regulations.

“My colleagues and I at Zuber Lawler had been looking for a cannabis consulting company to whom we can refer our clients for expansion across sovereign borders in anticipation of the end of prohibition in the U.S. and hadn’t found one,” commented Tom Zuber, a founder of Global Go and Managing Partner of leading cannabis law firm Zuber Lawler. “We decided that we would recruit leaders in the industry to build a global cannabis consulting company from the ground up so that we’d have a place to send our clients. Global Go is that company. With Highroad Consulting Group, we’ve established a foundation for Global Go’s international mandate comprised of the best domestic cannabis consulting company with which I’ve worked in over 13 years representing clients in the cannabis industry.”

Phil Valvardi, formerly CEO of Highroad, now CFO of Global Go, commented, “Our clientele was increasingly international, and we were looking for a means to enhance our platform to service clients in international contexts. We’re elated to join forces with Paul Rosen, a pioneer in the global cannabis industry, and Zuber Lawler, which has built a reputation as a leading law firm for the management of high-stakes international cannabis matters.”

About Global Go

Global Go grows the value of cannabis companies across state and sovereign borders by tapping a global network of the best lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, investors, landowners, license holders, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the industry. The founders of Global Go boast more than a decade of cannabis experience each, and a global network of industry contacts. Global Go recruits A-list corporate consultants and surrounds them with best-in-class cannabis industry veterans. In addition to serving MSOs and other large operators in the cannabis and hemp industries, the company will focus primarily on serving three types of clients:

· Publicly-traded companies and financial institutional exploring entry into cannabis / hemp markets for the first time;

· U.S. and Canadian cannabis / hemp companies expanding into international markets; and

· International cannabis / hemp companies expanding into the U.S. and European markets.

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Dwayne Alicie

Marketing Manager

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