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HARDCAR Partners with Highroad to Set CA Cannabis Businesses Up for Long-Term Return on Investment

With cannabis businesses across the nation having a difficult time navigating the pathways in an adolescent market, the partnership promises to fill gaps in entrepreneurs’ skills sets.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., January 3, 2019 ( -HARDCAR Distribution is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Highroad Consulting Group, a company that helps educate cannabis businesses on the market’s strict compliance and regulation requirements, assists them in gaining licensure, and protects them from making poor decisions.

Achieving a return on investment in the legal cannabis industry requires more than just business acumen or a love for cannabinoids – it requires both. Cannabis laws create a maze of regulation that entrepreneurs must navigate perfectly to stay in business – violations reap catastrophic fines. And not all the pitfalls are directly related to cannabis. Companies have to consider labor laws and meet the challenges of managing an all-cash business until all banks will accept their money.

“Simply winning a cannabis license doesn’t guarantee your business will be around in five years – or even two. Only the nimblest teams with the deepest skill sets succeed in this industry. Just look at how many people failed in Colorado in the first three years after legalization,” said Greta Carter, Founder of Highroad. “Back in 2013, the Denver Post pegged the failure rate at 40 percent. And we’re watching the same corrections happen even faster here in California. The only way to get a return on your investment is to build a team with both intimate knowledge of cannabis and traditional business skills.”

Highroad subject matter experts fill gaps in cannabis business teams, from compliance functions to human resources and beyond, setting entrepreneurs up for success. The integrated Highroad approach streamlines the entire life cycle of a cannabis business for clients – finding funding, advising during planning, navigating and achieving compliance, continually auditing operations and refining exit strategy. And with a 100 percent win rate on state and local licenses and over 50 licenses won in 4 states over 5 years, Highroad has proven that it knows cannabis and traditional business.

HARDCAR Distribution is not only the largest, most hi-tech armored carrier in the cannabis industry, but their executives have held leadership roles in the nation’s top cannabis associations, taken part in groundbreaking advocacy meetings with government officials, and have established unprecedented partnerships with banking institutions. Their focus on public safety and compliance makes for a perfect relationship with Highroad, ensuring proper growth of the industry through knowledge and experience.

“HARDCAR has been in the cannabis space for a while and we’ve seen quite a few companies overshoot the industry and go out of business. The challenges and turmoil ahead coupled with the regulatory environmental changes make this a rough industry to be in. Finding the best possible partner in consulting from the ground up has been a mission of ours and we believe we found the best in Highroad. Highroad represents over 50 individual licenses they have won with a 1000 batting average. Find me another consultant that can do that! We love our working relationship with Highroad and look forward to expanding with them throughout the US.” – Todd Kleperis, HARDCAR Distribution CEO

The cannabis industry is still turbulent in its adolescence. Joining forces with Highroad and HARDCAR can drastically increase a company’s potential for success when entering the market and sustaining success throughout its growth.

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Highroad Media Contact Marketing Manager [email protected]

About HARDCAR Distribution HARDCAR is an award-winning company and long-time contributor to the cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry. From packaging, to distribution, lab testing, trimming, secured storage, and transport, HARDCAR Distribution has all aspects of cannabis retail covered. Through collaboration with our diversified team of highly qualified and talented professionals, we help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry by providing the highest quality industry services that keep our partners’ products safe, while maintaining excellence and compliance throughout our work. 

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About Highroad Consulting Group Highroad offers end-to-end business consulting services for the cannabis industry. The Highroad approach integrates traditional business discipline with the nuance of cannabis. Subject matter experts work directly with your team to streamline planning, compliance and operations, setting you up to maximize return on investment under strict regulation.

Profitable compliance is the most efficient way to maximize the value of a cannabis business in the long-term, and the Highroad approach can get you there.

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Source: HARDCAR Distribution

This post first appeared on NEWSWIRE.

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