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How much risk is your cannabis business carrying?

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

When you start a cannabis business, you're either legal or you're not. But there are several levels of maturity when it comes to risk management. Where does your business fall?

Back Alleys

You're playing in the black market, risking more than just your business -- you're looking at jail time if caught, and you're also perpetuating negative stereotypes of the cannabis industry.

Back Roads

You're making effort to be compliant on some levels, but keep in mind -- there is no such thing as a gray market anymore. You are either compliant, or you are illegal.

The Highroad

Fully compliant, you are licensed, permitted, audited regularly and testing your products for safety for your customers.

Where do you fall on this spectrum?

Give us a call to help you figure that out.

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