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Pomona welcomes licensed cannabis operations in 2019

Great news for cannabis entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in the San Gabriel Valley -- Pomona will soon open up its process for cannabis licensing.

The process will be competitive, but the rewards for license winners will be significant.

If you want one of the licenses, we are here to help you get it. Highroad offers a Test Drive that evaluates how ready you are to win a competitive license. If you get started with us now, we can help make sure you are ready when the Pomona Request for Proposals for Cannabis Licenses gets released.

Pomona passes ordinance 2457 outlining cannabis licensing

The City of Pomona adopted Ordinance No. 2457 on April 1, 2019 which allows cannabis businesses in the City. On May 1, 2019 the City Council and Planning Commission will had a study session to discuss cannabis zoning.

Pomona welcomes licensed cannabis operations in 2019

The City has not yet determined the number of permits it will be issuing for each type of cannabis business nor has the City released an official application. Permits will be issued in order of highest-ranking applications first and will continue to be issued until a cannabis business permit cap has been met. Again, that cap has not been determined yet, but will be set by the City.

According to Pomona Ordinance No. 2457, the permit process will be merit-based and will proceed through four (4) phases. The phases and framework of a scoring rubric is listed below. A total of 1000 points are possible in the process.

Pomona cannabis licensing phases

Phase 1: Application submission

Applicant must submit complete information, obtain a zoning clearance of the proposed location, complete Livescan and background check information and pay a processing fee.

Phase II: Initial scoring of application

Application includes:

Business plan (350 pts)

· Operations and financial pro forma (100 points)

· Qualifications of principals (100 points)

· Environmental mitigation plan and benefits (100 points)

· Public benefits (50 points)

Safety and Security Plan (200 pts)

Neighborhood Integration Plan (200 pts.)

· Community contributions and involvement

Labor and Employment Plan (150 pts)

· Labor peace plan (100 points)

· Collective bargaining agreement (25 points)

· Living wage and benefits (25 points)

Air Quality Plan (100 pts)

** In order to qualify for Phase III, applicant must score a minimum of 800 points. **

Phase III: Public presentation and comment meeting

The City Manager will designate a Commercial Cannabis Permit Application Evaluator who has not participated in the initial review and scoring in Phase II. The Evaluator will conduct a public meeting where each applicant shall be provided a reasonable opportunity to comment on the application. Each applicant shall receive a written notice 10 days in advance.

The Evaluator may conduct a site inspection.

Phase IV: Final ranking and permit issuance, if permit is available.

The Evaluator will determine the final rankings of the Commercial Cannabis Permit Applications.

What will be taken into consideration?

  • Any public comments

  • Applicant’s presentation

  • Applicant’s responses to questions

  • All Applicant materials

  • Amendments to the proposal offered by the Applicant

  • Information collected during the Evaluator’s site inspection

Applicants must score a minimum of 900 points to be eligible for a permit.

If there is a tie in total points between applicants, the City Manager may designate a third party to hold an allotment by chance to complete the ranking system.

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