The Highroad approach integrates traditional business discipline with the nuance of cannabis. Subject matter experts work directly with your team to streamline planning, compliance and operations, setting you up to maximize return on investment under strict regulation.


Profitable compliance is the most efficient way to maximize the value of a cannabis business in the long-term, and the Highroad approach can get you there. See our results:


win rate on state and local licenses 


licenses won in 4 states over 5 years


failure rate on inspections


Only entrepreneurs who understand both traditional business discipline and the nuances of the cannabis industry will succeed as markets mature. You need an airtight business plan to get funded -- cannabis investors know there are risks and expect you to have a plan for mitigating them and turning a profit.

In a Meeting

Highroad helps you plan and find funding by answering the questions both you and cannabis investors ask.


  • What kind of cannabis business should I start?

  • What jurisdiction should I set up my cannabis business up in?

  • Where can I find cannabis investors?

  • Will this cannabis business be sustainable in two years? 



Compliance is the key to maximizing value in the long-term in the legal cannabis industry. Highroad cuts through the red tape to get you licensed, permitted, and ready for compliance inspections. Ongoing cannabis compliance audits reduce your exposure to risk. We also offer training in track-and-trace compliance with METRC.

In a Meeting

​Get licenses and permits faster than your competition.

The Highroad team has experience winning over 60 licenses in four states over the past five years – that’s a more significant 99% win rate than other cannabis consultants and lawyers can claim.

Government Building

​Stay on top of the game with audits and legislative updates.

Audits give you a competitive edge by reducing risk. Plus, Highroad actively engages with state and local regulatory agencies and makes sure you’re the first to know about changes that affect your business.



Security and technology are integral components to compliance in the cannabis industry. Highroad audits your existing plans and then designs, installs and maintains a compliant system, saving you money while ensuring network stability and security.

Security Camera

Security Survelliance

It's more convoluted than just putting up cameras. Highroad also serves as your liaison to various physical security vendors to ensure your facility is secure and compliant.

Server Installation


Keep your data and intellectual property safe. Highroad provides network engineering, administration, and end user support, saving you money while ensuring network stability and security.



Beyond compliance, cannabis businesses also have all the same needs as other businesses. But you must reduce risk by managing money (often in cash), people and resources under tighter scrutiny than in most industries. Our experts help you achieve operational excellence, develop offerings and communicate under intense regulation.


Complete accounting and finance services, from bookkeeping and payroll to business plans, proformas, and investor relations management.


People make the magic happen in your business – but expose you to risk. From job descriptions to performance management and employee relations, Highroad helps you stay covered.


Strategic marketing gives your business a solid base and gets you in front of the people who need to know about your product. From developing your mission and vision to understanding your target buyers and communicating with them, our team will set you up for success.